Designed to break through an outdated understanding of the optical properties of polished diamonds, Solasfera represents a marvel of scientific innovation as well as an artistic achievement, bringing a profound understanding of light mechanics to bear on the work of world’s most skilled diamond cutters.

About the Desingers
Light Masters Diamond Group,
the maker of Solasfera, was founded
with a mission to spread beauty
and joy by creating the world’s
finest natural polished diamonds.
About David So
David So is a third-generation jeweler born
into a long line of craftspeople and artisans.
A Master's Endorsement
Solasfera has earned the praise and respect
of famous master diamond cutter Hy Kessler.
Mark of Brilliance
Only those diamonds that conform
to Light Masters’ exacting standards
earn the right to be classed as
Solasfera diamonds.
Responsible Sourcing
Light Masters Diamond Group fully supports
the international community's zero-tolerance
policy towards conflict diamonds.
In 1919, engineer and diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky established the 58-facet diamond design model that we know as the round brilliant cut. The art of diamond cutting has been frozen in time ever since, despite great strides in technology and science that would allow diamond cutters to overcome limitations that constrained Tolkowsky’s equations. The industry has been slow to change, wary to upset the equilibrium and redesign manufacturing methods and equipment set to cut the 58-facet arrangement. 

Then came Solasfera. Unafraid to think differently and break the rules, Solasfera’s designers employed their advanced understanding of light dynamics and quantum mechanics to generate a new kind of diamond geometry. With the help of cutting-edge technology such as photometers, spectrophotometers, and three-dimensional metrology devices, they reached a breakthrough: the most brilliant diamond cut ever realized. They called this design Solasfera, drawing its name from the radiant sun itself.