Solasfera has earned the praise and respect of famous master diamond cutter Hy Kessler. Known for his impeccable cutting of the 407ct flawless “Incomparable Diamond,” the world’s largest diamond, Kessler offered the following expert opinion after observing a Solasfera.


June 23, 2004

Dear David So,
In more than fifty years of cutting some of the world’s largest diamonds, I have seen many, many beautiful diamonds, but I have never seen anything like your Solasfera diamond. It is the most brilliant round diamond that I have ever seen, your Solasfera is so beautiful it sings to me. You’ve brought much more “life” to the round diamond than anyone can ever imagine, and you took away the dark spots as well. What else can you say about a diamond that speaks so well for itself? You have created something that is truly unbelievable. This is the future of round diamonds. You have topped them all!

I applaud you on your efforts and congratulate you on designing such a beautiful diamond.

Best wishes,
Hy Kessler