Historically, diamond cutters have thought about the path of light in just two dimensions. An engineer by training, Solasfera designer David So transformed the craft by envisioning a new model for how light travels in all three dimensions. The result is a diamond with perfect light performance in every measure.

Where most generically cut diamonds leak light in any of three dimensions, Solasfera diamonds are
capable of grabbing hold of the light surrounding them and returning it to the eyes of the beholder.

The most breathtaking diamonds exude the greatest brilliance (white light), fire (color light) and sparkle (scintillation).
Every Solasfera diamond must measure off the charts in all three categories to earn its name.

The exacting symmetry of Solasfera’s cuts, which are crafted with unparalleled precision,
creates a perfect optical pattern that makes a diamond’s sparkle visible from afar.

Perfect Proportions